Front on: player should have an upward tilt with the shoulders that may increase with driver.  Ball position moves forward the longer the club.

Down the line: player should have armpits, knee caps, and balls of feet in line. Spine should be in a relax posture even with a little outward curve where the shoulders roll.

P2: Halfway Back

Front on: player's lead shoulder should begin to rotate down and back

Down the line: Hands move inside while the club head lines up with the hands.

P3: Three quarters Back

Front on: Left arm is parallel to the ground, hips and shoulders are beginning to rotate away from the target.

Down the line: Shoulders are tilted and the club shaft is vertical. 

P4: Top of Backswing

Front on: Player should pivot shoulders and hips back without weight distributing over the trail foot, pressure should primarily be on the trail foot instep

Down the line: Lead arm should be across the chest

P5: Three Quarters 


Front on: Lead arm is parallel to the ground as the lead shoulder is rotating

Down the line: Grip and club shaft bisects the bicep

P6: Shaft parallel to the ground

Front on: Trail shoulder is working down and forward as lead should is working up and around

Down the line: Body is beginning to work into side bend as right elbow is still bent, club head should line up with hands

P7: Impact

Front on: Shaft leaning forward, especially in the iron swing, player is pushing into lead side with pelvis

Down the line: Right elbow is bent and in line with the club shaft, upper and lower body are rotated towards the target

P8: Shaft parallel to ground on through swing

Front on: Chest and pelvis are facing target and eyes are following the club not looking down, weight is transferred into lead side

Down the line: arms have straightened but player still remains in side bend 

P9: Finish

Front on: Body is completely rotated to the target with belt buckle ahead of head

Down the line: Club has exited so that the trail arm is across the chest