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Lowcountry Lessons Golf School

The Lowcountry Lessons Golf School is designed to work on the fundamentals of your golf game.


Two School options are available.

The half day school or Full Day  school.


Schools are held on second Saturday of each month or can be scheduled by appointment with two or more students.

Half Day School

2 Hours


Fundamentals Covered

Grip, Aim, Set Up


Chipping-Mechanics, Club Selection, Landing Spot


Full Swing-Mechanics and Check Point Alignments, Discussion on Plane and Clubface Control


Putting Mechanics and Strategy


Conclusion Developing a Practice Plan


Cost: $200 per student

(individual or up to four students)


Full Day School

5 Hours Including Lunch


All the Mechanics of the Half Day School plus.....


Bunker Play


Pitching-Mechanics and Variations, Wedge Design and How to Use the Bounce


Driving for Distance, Strategy, and Training


Cost: $400 per student

(can be individual or up to four students)



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