Wow, it’s been 12 years since I started Lowcountry Lessons at Patriots Point Links. My oldest daughter was entering kindergarten and she’s in high school now! It’s crazy how fast time flies, the last decade has been an incredible journey both professionally and personally. 

Each day I learn a little more about how to get my students to improve on all fronts. I can honestly say I will give you the best lesson you’ve had by providing the most accurate information coupled with the best technology to measure your swing. 


At “The Swing Shack” I don’t guess, I measure using video and radar technology. However anyone with those tools can measure your swing. I pick the concepts for you to work on  based on my experience and intense study. Over the last year and a half I have taken several trips to California to study under the top teacher in the game, George Gankas. Coupling George’s information with my former mentors including David Orr, Lynn Blake, and Mike Perpich.  I have developed a wealth of knowledge to help you play better! 


Brandon Ray



Lowcountry Lessons Junior Golf Leader Glen Balke wakes up everyday ready to teach and play.

This drive is what makes Glen a great junior coach.


Glen got into golf late in life but has made tremendous strides in his game studying under Brandon Ray for the last two years.


Glen is currently preparing to take the Playing Ability Test to begin his work towards becoming a PGA professional.


Through Glen's study of and other's he can identify where to start for each student to improve.


As LowcountryLessons Junior Golf Leader Glen will help your child fall in love with golf!